Water Quality

Lusted Water District complies with State and Federal water quality regulations related to the distribution of potable water.

Lusted Water District maintains a program of regular water testing and sanitary inspections to verify compliance with water quality regulations.

The Oregon Health Authority maintains updated water quality testing data for Lusted Water District, and all public water systems in the State of Oregon. Lusted Water District has a water system ID of 00361

Water Quality Data for Lusted Water District on file at Oregon Health Authority:

OHA Water Quality Data for LWD

Selected Water Quality Sampling Information Links:

Bacteria Sampling

Lusted Water District conducts monthly sampling for "Total Coliform Bacteria". Coliform Bacteria is generally a harmless bacteria that is used as an "indicator" for possible presence of more serious strains of bacteria. If coliform bacteria is identified in the system, an internal investigation immediately begins to identify the source of the bacteria, and if more harmful bacteria is also present. A set of regulations are followed for addressing any identified contamination and re-testing to confirm the water is safe to drink.

Chlorine Residual

Disinfection Byproducts

Lead & Copper

Sourcewater sampling by City of Portland Water Bureau