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Special Notice to Customers About Water Service Leaks:  

As the homes in our established neighborhoods continue to age, we are are seeing an increasing trend of large water service leaks reported on the customer-side of the water meter.    These leaks, and subsequent repair costs, are responsibility of the individual homeowner!  Please take some time to become aware of the condition, pipe material, and age of the buried main water supply pipe that runs from the water meter to your home.    Consider hiring a plumber to help you with this question--and certainly ask a plumber to investigate the issue if they are already at your house for any other reason.

Here are some basic recommendations to reduce the risk of water service pipe failure:

Remember:  Customers own and are responsible for all plumbing located on the customer-side of the water meter and all pipe that is on private property.   A broken water  pipe can leak thousands of  gallons in a single day and represent a major cost to repair.  

Also, always take special care to protect your piping from freezing in your barn, shop, or hose bibs around your house.   Every winter we hear about several pipe breaks due to freezing conditions!