New Water Services

 Lusted Water District provides domestic potable water service to most parcels within the formal district boundary of Lusted Water District, and some parcels outside the boundary of the district if capacity and piping arrangements allow.  To determine if your parcel is within the Lusted Water District check your annual property tax statement from Multnomah County or Multnomah County voting & taxation records online. 

For parcels without an existing water service connection to Lusted Water District, a service request may be initiated by contacting the District's office manager at .     Following a new service request, District staff will confirm capacity and the ability to serve the proposed parcel.   New services require payment of a "System Development Charge" and all costs related to the construction of the service line.   In certain areas, Lusted Water District may be able to serve new customers located outside of District boundaries.

The District will offer most new parcels (customers) the choice of a 3/4" or 1" service.   New customers that expect to require substantial irrigation demand and/or fire sprinkler demand should consider the higher capacity 1" service.  1-1/2" services are typical for large scale agricultural irrigation and are available only if local pipeline capacity allows.  New service requests larger than 1" will require an engineering review prior to approval. 

Dedicated fire flow services for commercial structures may be feasible, contact the District for additional information.